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Life’s all about moments: big and small. We keep your health in tip-top shape because you deserve to experience those big milestones, those sweet little moments and everything in between. Whether it’s a bump in the road or your yearly visit, we’re here for you. Always.

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Primary Services

Acute Care

Here at Infinity Medical Care, whether it’s a bad cold or you overdid it working out or doing yard work last weekend, we can make sure your life doesn’t slow down because of it. We commonly treat:


Muscle and Joint Pain

Abdominal Pain

Common Cold and Flu

and more


Adult Care

At Infinity Medical Care your physician will work directly with you to assess your health, listen to your goals and provide you with excellent care. Whether you’re looking to start a family, maintain your health, or keep doing the activities you love, IMC is here to help. Our Adult Care services include:

Men’s Health
Women’s Health
Heart/Cardiovascular Health
Joint Injections
Toenail Removal
Skin Biopsies

Preventative Medicine

We believe that taking care of your health should be a routine. Infinity Medical Care offers preventative care to make sure you’re on top of your wellness. Rather than waiting for something to happen, we believe in taking a proactive approach to your health. To keep you living your best life, we offer:

Annual Physicals and Check-Ups
Routine Vaccinations
Wellness Care

Chronic Conditions

The thing about chronic conditions is that they can be managed with the help from the right medical team. We so happen to be yours. Because your life doesn’t slow down for anything, we help you manage, maintain and reduce symptoms of chronic conditions. We want you to enjoy life at full speed. Conditions we commonly treat are:

Heart Conditions
And more!


We know you do everything you can to make sure your child stays perfectly healthy. We’re here to support you in that effort. At, Infinity Medical Care we’re on your side. Our family is dedicated to yours. To keep your children healthy, we provide:

Infant Baby Care
Well Child Checkups
Cold and Flu Treatment
Acute Aches and Pains
Chronic Conditions
and more

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